Common PNs - Barrel Gauge

Unit of Measure

Material Options

Type B Stainless Level 3

Material Description

N/A Liquid Level Gauge, Stainless Steel Rods, Stainless Bushing, Stainless Steel Float.

Material Options Specifications

N/A Type B-Stainless Level 3

Opening Size

N/A 2 NPT in

Opening Size Description

N/A NPT, National Pipe Thread

Gallon Size

N/A 55 gal

Gallon Size Description

N/A Specially made to fit standard 55, 30, or 15 gallon drums/barrels.

Glass Calibration

N/A Standard

GLC Description

N/A Standard Glass Calibration, replaces inner plastic piece of calibration with glass. Used for protection from heat, fumes, etc...

Alarm/Remote Display Options

N/A None

Lock Nut or Gauge Guard Upgrades

Standard ALN

Lock Nut or Gauge Guard Description

N/A Replace the Red HDPE Lock Nut with an Aluminum Lock Nut


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